Friday, April 9, 2010

Short and Sweet ~ Sweet Potatoes

We all love sweet potatoes around here. 
They are yummy, they are healthy,
they are fairly cheap, in some countries they are currency. ($$)

Sometimes, they are on sale.
Easter made the price drop per pound.

I bought  sweet potatoes for .69 a pound. 
Best price I've seen around here for a long time.
Those clunkers are heavy.

Poke with fork.
Bake 350 degrees on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet. 
Makes Clean up SO easy.
1-2 hours, until they are soft to pierce with fork.

Peel. Slice. Freeze. 
Easy, peasy veggies in the freezer.
All I have to do is heat, mash, add some butter and we are good to go.

When the price is good again, I'll stock up even more.

Mom's of little ones~ sweet potatoes are one of the easiest baby foods to make. Better for baby and better for your budget!

Love stuff like this!


  1. good idea! I was just telling barak we should grow sweet potatoes in the garden this year. Ava will be eating baby food before too long and sweet potatoes are easy to do.

  2. We're going to try growing them this year too. Never have before, not sure why we didn't.